Social Media Plugins for WordPress

As we have a tendency to all understand that to urge a lot of traffic one can would like a lot of social media engagement. a lot of social media shares means that a lot of traffic and building of recent audience. however isn’t obtaining social media shares from your readers arduous enough? certain it’s, I even have seen many of us asking their audience to click on a like button to scan the total post that is so not a decent thanks to offer your readers a much better expertise.

So however we will get a lot of likes and shares from our readers while not even irritating them? will we have a tendency to leave a P.S. message below our posts to raise our audience to share our posts or to love it? Or we could use some WordPress Plugins to place share buttons on prime of our articles or somewhere within the sidebar?
Or we will install a plugin which will install a brand new Social share bar on the left aspect of our Blog?
I think the second alternative is far higher as a result of if we’ll raise our readers to love or share our posts then this can not leave a positive impact on our audience. they’ll notice North American nation as a greedy and unpleasant person UN agency desires them to urge a lot of audience for him.
Let’s build content that our readers can wish to share on their social circles themselves. All we’ll do is that we’ll ease their issue by departure some little share buttons in order that our audience will share our content by simply doing many clicks.
For this purpose we’ll install a number of the foremost helpful Social Share plugins on our web log, and here’s the list:

Floating Social Bar

One of the foremost helpful and downloaded Social Share plugins we’ve got on WordPress. By putting in Floating Social bar you may be ready to install a cool and smart wanting floating social bar on the highest of your posts or articles.
To have a demo of Floating Social Bar please place your eyes slightly below the title of the post :). (I am exploitation an equivalent plugin too)
This is the foremost best and coolest social share plugin I even have seen until currently as a result of it’s straightforward to put in and therefore the position of the floating social bar are going to be fastened on the highest of the page once the user can scroll down the page.

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Share Button by AddToAny

One another plugin that I even have in my plugin inventory to urge a lot of social media engagement and leads. The social bar you’re observation within the left of my web log is hopped-up by AddToAny plugin.
You can add as several social buttons as you would like to urge a lot of likes and shares. However, i’ll solely advocate you guys to feature simply six or seven buttons and place this blue + button within the finish of the bar to let your users share your content on different Social media websites too.

Download Blogger templates from here.


This is a plugin that i’m not exploitation and that i very feel dangerous for myself for not exploitation such a cool plugin. But well, you’ll be able to be amongst those lucky those who have Shareaholic install on their blogs.
This cool Social Media plugin isn’t simply a social sharing plugin. Your users are going to be ready to share your articles on totally different social bookmarking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Likedin and on several different social media platforms.
You will conjointly get Classic Bookmarks, recommendations and connected content tool, intrinsical Social analytics and a few handy support for Google’s uniform resource locator agent and for Google Analytics too.


ShareThis has quite two,204,490 downloads and three star ratings and this plugin very deserves that vast quality that it’s. With quite a hundred and twenty supported social media platforms, ShareThis has become one among the foremost standard WordPress plugins.
By putting in this plugin you may get several social buttons which is able to show during a kind of a Hovering Bar which will be displayed at the proper or left aspect of your page. you’ll be able to conjointly regulate the dimensions of social buttons.

Social Media Feather

Social Media feather is a perfect alternative for you guys if majority of your users use pill and iphones to access net as a result of it’s a awfully light-weight however a robust Social Media plugin which is able to not build any dangerous impact on your web site speed.
In-fact it’s one among the foremost appropriate plugin for your web log once it involves dashing up your web site speed. This plugin doesn’t use any Javascript codes that makes it totally different from all others.
The buttons have clean, attracting, fashionable and awful look that you may love. you’ll be able to conjointly customise the looks of the social icons’ skin.
And an added factor to inform you guys that Social Media Feather is that the solely plugin that supports membrane and high-resolution displays that square measure usually employed by mobile devices like IPhone five.